s i g h

2017-07-19 10:40:56 by MagicalPotato


wip image for a tshirt design..

i kinda hop e i can get another design out? but i don't think so :/


2017-06-10 11:54:58 by MagicalPotato

wowee it's a wip sketch how cool. sorry if you can't see it well


i'm sorry da vinci

2017-06-05 14:47:42 by MagicalPotato

6366863_149668838272_Capture.pngphotoshopping famous pieces of artwork doesn't always come along well..

also is LavenderTowne a popular enough artist to qualify for styleSwap?

yo Jazza

2017-05-10 17:52:49 by MagicalPotato

here's the wip for my first COTMhere's the WIP for my first COTM of raichu  (hopefully it'll be easy to see)

ooh hello!

2017-05-01 19:26:32 by MagicalPotato

Hello. I'm a potato.

I made this account so I could put in entries for Jazza's COTMs but I'll post some drawings/animations/gaming footage if I can.

Look for my stuff I guess, it's your life :P